Vocal Lessons


Lessons for vocal and singing are the best way to improve. There are so many ways to learn vocal and singing that it is often difficult to know where to go to learn, let alone where to start with the information available. Lessons with a good teacher will help you to learn the right things at the right time. As a student of any instrument you will need to focus your efforts on the following areas.

How to Play

Lessons will help you to focus on the technical elements of vocal and singing so that you are able to master the intricacies, develop control and build a strong foundation for your learning in other areas.

How to Understand

Vocal And Singing lessons will help you to understand music theory and help you to develop your listening skills to make use of it in real musical situations.

How to Practice

The the real progress that you make in lessons comes from practicing effectively. Part of effective vocal and singing lessons is showing you how you can make the most of the time between lessons and working with you to develop a good habit of practicing.

How to Learn

The ultimate goal of lessons is to be able to become a self sustaining musician, in reality to not need lessons at all! Working with a good vocal and singing teacher will help you to discover for yourself what you need to learn so that you can develop your own skills to reach your own goals.

There are many good teachers in the area but at Music Nation Leeds we work to provide more to our students so than great lessons are only the beginning of the benefit that you receive from us.

What normal teachers provide What you can expect from Music Nation
How will you find out what I want to do and what I really need to progress? Most teachers will ask you a few questions about what bands you like and what songs you want to learn but usually nothing more. A free evaluation session where we can talk about what you can and would like to be able to do. From there we can make a plan about how to best help you in the future.
How will you develop a plan for me to make sure that I can be playing the way I want to in the shortest possible time and the minimum amount of frustration? Most teachers do not normally have a long term plan for you and often teach from lesson to lesson with no effective long term strategy to help you. From the evaluation lesson we will agree a plan of action and decide what you short and long term goals are. We will then work to develop a long term learning plan to make sure that you are always learning things that are helpful and relevant to what you need for your own personal goals.
How will you help me to overcome the problems I have with my playing? Most teachers are not concerned with this and only teach their students songs without focusing on the core issues that are holding their playing back from their true potential. From the first lesson we will work to solve your playing problems. In the evaluation lesson we will make sure to take note of your problems and formulate solutions from the start to help you to overcome these. We will also monitor progress and refine the strategies if need be to help you further.
How will you record my progress? Most teachers do not record their student's progress and some even forget what they have taught from lesson to lesson. We will keep a file on you recording what you have done and also your achievements and goals as you meet them.
Do you provide any support outside of lessons? No. The help stops when the lesson ends. There are many additional benefits to taking lessons from me. We provide our students with additional learning resources on the student area of our website including training videos, a forum, and a massive library of backing tracks. In addition Music Nation runs workshops, masterclass and jam sessions that are free or at a heavily discounted for our students so you have many other opportunities to learn in addition to the lessons you take with me.
How will you help me to practice effectively and make the most of my time between lessons? Most teachers don't bother with any of this but some may give you some tips on what to do with your practice. First, all your lesson materials are stored online in your own personal account so that you can refer back to them and review them whenever you like. In addition we will run special sessions to help you to develop a personalised practice schedule.
How can you prove that you can get good results? Most teachers can't prove this. We have taught many satisfied students over the years. Please visit our feedback page to find out more.

Meet your teacher

Rhys Williams


Rhys has worked with singers of all ages and abilities to improve their technique, power, confidence and all round vocal skills in all styles of music.

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