As a bedroom guitarist for the last 25 years it was fantastic to be able to play guitar with other people and actually start learning again!

Jon is a fabulous tutor who pushes you but always within the limits of what you are capable of – making learning highly enjoyable. My playing has improved beyond belief this year and I am now looking to join a band. I would, and do, recommend all at Music Nation very highly.

Bob Snowdon - Ilkley

I had been learning guitar for about a year with a different teacher and wasn’t getting the results or instruction I felt I needed. I started with Jonathan and Owen and have never looked back.

I was always worried that starting to learn so late (I’m 38) I would be made to feel stupid or wouldn’t be accepted but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Everyone at the school is encouraging and helpful, be it the teachers or other students.
What I enjoy most about learning with them is that it’s not just a case of “monkey see, monkey do”. Things are broken down for you in practical and theory lessons which then give you the correct tools to go away on your own and start to understand the music you want to play. I believe that this is what has kept me fascinated and constantly wanting to learn more.

I achieved one of my life goals to play in a band to an audience thanks to Jonathan, Owen and Kev and I can hand on heart say that wouldn’t have happened without them. I would recommend them without a second’s hesitation.

Tony Sutcliffe - Bradford

I'd wanted to play guitar in a band for as long as I could remember and Music Nation Leeds helped me achieve one of my life goals! Jon and Kev were brilliant from the beginning. They brought the bands together based on the type of music we were into and taught us the technical and practical elements involved in playing with other musicians. They coached us through the whole process, encouraged us every step of the way and to make it even more enjoyable, they're a good laugh to be around! I'm really looking forward to being part of the next performance!

Jag Panesar - Bradford

Thanks for setting up the student gig. I can't tell you how good it felt to
be playing guitar with other people in a band - and that people came and
watched. I was nervous as hell so glad the audience knew what it was about
and were really supportive. Also huge thank you to Drummer Kev for
supporting the rehearsals and being really flexible with his time. Who knew
you could have that much fun after a couple of months of practice!

Looking forward to the next one already!

Tom Paget - Bradford

To say that one individual can contribute so much to change your own life, opening up opportunities that previously seemed remote or even impossible to realise, to support and challenge you’re thinking constructively, building your confidence, ability, and knowledge of guitar playing and musicianship, is rare and special.

Jonathan has given me all this as well as mentoring me in my musical career. He has given me the tools to unlock my own knowledge and creativity; he works tirelessly bringing resources and events to his students and the extended music community.
He is an exceptional guitar teacher and musician. I wish I had had the enthusiasm, support and commitment of his teaching when I started guitar over 20 years ago. I’ve learnt and developed quicker with him than in the previous 2 Decades!

Tom Elliott - LEEDS

About 2 years ago I picked up my old guitar after not having played it for the best part of 20 years. I couldn’t face playing the basic strumming stuff I’d previously learned and hunted around on the internet for self teaching lessons on blues guitar. I subscribed to an on-line outfit and purchased a couple of training cd’s. However, after a couple of months I realised I had no direction and progress was very slow indeed. It just wasn’t fun.

Going to Jonathan for lessons has made all the difference. He’s introduced a whole new way of learning which made a massive improvement to my playing in a short period of time. I very quickly progressed from being a basic chord strummer on acoustic guitar to being able to identify a key and play my own improvised lead.

Things that I like about the lessons are as follows:

Within only a few months I was able to play along to lots of the blues tunes in my music collection as lead guitar and rhythm. I can now recognise and play a lot of the riffs that artists play.

Learning to play without reading a single note of music is a real bonus – it’s mostly based on patterns. Having said that, the essential theory elements are still covered in sufficient detail.

Jonathan’s pointed me in the right direction with regard to what sort of kit is needed to get the most out of my electric guitar.

Attending lessons with a group of other learners also helps. It’s good to meet other people and exchange ideas and problems encountered as well as jam together.

Jonathan has progressed lessons at a pace that we can all keep up with. At the end of each lesson I always feel that either

I’ve made positive progress with some element of my playing, and/or

I’ve been given something new to get my teeth into in anticipation of the following week’s lesson.

I’ve got interested in listening to and playing a lot more music than I otherwise would have. My music collection seems to have expanded exponentially. This started off as a result of some of the studies we have done in lessons as well as an eagerness to hear different styles and improve my own playing.

And if the above weren’t enough, I’ve also benefited from attending:

the master classes that Jonathan organises with various artists from time to time, and

Ableton Suite recording lessons with Jonathan. So I can now lay down my own tracks including drums, rhythm and lead. The program is also useful for slowing down tracks of other artists so that their riffs can be analysed.

I don’t know any other tutors in my region who can offer anything like the package and onsite facilities that’s available from Jonathan and his team and I can without hesitation recommend his school to anyone who wants to take a giant leap forward in improving their guitar playing.

Andy Bowers - Leeds

Having taken private lessons with Jonathon has changed my life and inspired me to become the best guitar player that I can be. I used to teach myself guitar but having seen the dramatic improvement in my guitar playing since my private lessons started, I have not looked back. An inspiration to all guitar teachers.

Alexander Teckkam, Leeds

A knowledgable player who explains himself very well, Jonathan has helped in many ways in a short space of time, which in turn has improved my playing.

Warren Fyffe

I'd played the air guitar lots of times like many other people so when my sons guitar teacher had a space in his time table I thought it's about time I learn't how to play a real one. I'd seen how he had taught my son. He is calm shows plenty of patience and at the same time is very passionate. I've been playing the guitar for about a year and a half, i can play rhythm and lead guitar I've also wrote two instrumental songs with help from Jonathan in the structure and production of them. Best of all you can have fun in his lessons whilst learning the guitar.

David Harper, Leeds

Before taking lessons with Jon my playing was really not very good I could just about get along but I was nothing special. I taught myself to play a few chords and things but because I taught myself I was picking up bad habits. I decided to take lessons because I was starting to struggle in bands with harder songs. Since I started having lessons with Jon my playing has improved so much. I've been doing them for a year now and I'm so glad i did because without them I would be no where near the standard I'm at now.

Callum Russell

For any mums out there who are looking for a great music school for their budding rock stars, I can highly recommend Music Nation. My son was 12 and just better than a beginner when he started his lessons. He made very quick progress under Owen's tuition, despite him having concentration difficulties. Owen pitched his lessons just right, making them highly enjoyable and productive for my son which really encouraged him to put the practice in at home. In just over 8 months, my son is now some considerable way towards playing all the rock songs he wants to. He has also attended several booster classes and master classes which complemented his normal lessons.

As a mum, I was really impressed with how flexible Music Nation is and how they could adapt to my son's changing needs. It's great to see how much he looks forward to his weekly lessons and to share his enthusiasm and passion about his guitar playing now.

Jo Baldwin-Howarth

Connor has really enjoyed the lessons, Owen has been inspirational! He really feels he has gained more confidence and experience.

Klaira Brennan, parent

Owen has taught me for 5 years now and the lessons are still as fun and challenging now as they were when we started. He has increased not only my confidence and motivation but has been central to me gaining access into Leeds Music College.

Eric Lock, Pupil

My daughter used to find her old lessons boring and formulaic, Owen uses methods and material relevant to the people he teaches. He is a patient and conscientious teacher, and has a great manner, and doesn't go mad if she hasn't had time to practice!

Sian Vik, parent

Owen has worked brilliantly with the students at Queensbury. His positive attitude, professionalism and rapport with the students has helped them to make great progress in Music.

Barrie McCardle, Head of Music at Queensbury School

Owen has this amazing ability to motivate students into wanting to learn. News travelled fast in the school and soon lots of students wanted to learn guitar. The results his students achieved at GCSE were very impressive, and I'm sure are a reflection of the progress they made with Owen.

Tom Howells, Head of Music at Belle Vue Girls School

Worked wonders with the pupils in such a short time. Thanks so much, the workshops have been great for the kids' ability and confidence.

Mark Smith, Extended Services

Very good setup. One of the best opportunities offered to the kids. Full credit to Owen who gives excellent leadership and encouragement.

Bally Flora, parent

I got to see how a real band would work and record. The artists were really friendly, patient and polite, they were awesome! They talked to you like adults and were laid back and relaxed. It's the best experience ever, I'd come back next week if I could!

Tom Banks, pupil at Bruntcliffe School

Kev has helped me in so many aspects of my drumming, from his limitless knowledge of equipment and tuning, to how to approach my drumming mentally. He is a great drum tech and also provided invaluable technical assistance during the recording of our 'Tough Love' album.

Lee Vincent (Pulled Apart By Horses)

I have made a lot more progress now I have a 1 to 1 with Kev. His teaching style is top notch as he teaches me in a way that I understand.  The new studios are fab with a lot of space and now I'm not frightened of making some noise. Kev is also patient and a nice guy.

Tom, Leeds

Kev taught my daughter to play the drums when she was very young. She was shy and not at all confident with people she didn't know but Kev has a lovely way with people and she took to him straight away and was relaxed enough with him to really enjoy and learn from the lessons.

He is patient and relaxed, and can adapt his teaching style to suit his different student needs making the sessions fun and informative. I would recommend Kev to anyone wanting to either take up drumming or progress to a more advanced level.  

Sally Bolderson.

When Kevin gave me drum lessons i was about 10 and he was a good teacher because he made them fun and interesting and i can still remember what he taught me 5 years later. I would recommend him to people who want to learn how to play drums or get better.

Sarah Bolderson