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At Music Nation we aim to give you more then just music lessons. We are continually looking to add extra value by bringing you more opportunities to learn. Here are the other programs that we run that will help you to learn more about music by experiencing other aspects of music that you won't get from simply learning how to play a musical instrument.

Songwriting Mentoring Program

Learn the art of songwriting from one of the countries most acclaimed tunesmiths.

For many songwriting is seen as a dark art, creating original music from scratch and finding inspiration from seemingly nowhere. Some seem to think that this is something that is either something that people can do or can't do.

This could not be further from the truth. Songwriting is a skill like anything else that can be learned with the right kind of training and development. This is why we at Music Nation Leeds have partnered with internationally acclaimed songwriter Brendan Croker to form our Songwriter's Mentoring Program. This is a unique program where you will be coached, trained and taught by Brendan using songwriting methods that he has learned from his vast experience.

Best known for his work with Mark Knopfler, Steve Phillips and Guy Fletcher in the Notting Hillbillies Brendan has also found success working with others such as Winnona Judd, Eric Clapton, John Mayall, Susan Anton and Chet Atkins as well as with his own band the 5 o'Clock Shadows. He has also worked with BMI Publishing in Nashville where he has written for countless others.

In these sessions Brendan will share with you the methods that he personally uses to write songs and will help you to begin to easily put together your own songs quickly and effortlessly.

The program runs three times a year. For the next session please see the events page.

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Booster Classes

If you are a student of the school then get more from your lessons by attending booster classes based on the subject areas that YOU want to cove.

How many times have you tried to learn something and not really taken it all in? Do you sometimes feel like you have forgotten more than you can remember? In many instances learning something is not just about getting the information inside your head but learning it's use and application.

At Music Nation we appreciate feedback that students give us about their lessons and the learning that takes place. Every month we find out what areas students feel they need help on and using this information we carefully design a series of booster classes that students can attend in addition to their regular classes to aid their learning and development. In these sessions we work on helping students to revise areas that they feel that they could do with a boost. In addition other students who are curious about certain subject areas can sit in and get a head start on a certain subject area.

These classes are run weekly and are open to everyone, including non-students to attend. For more information please contact us at

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Band Skills Program

Learn how to be in a band, how to make the most amount of progress and how to deliver live in a full on live gig!

Being in a band is more than meeting up with some friends every so often and playing some songs. To be successful at it takes organisation, dedication and persistence. At Music Nation we are all experienced musicians who have been in professional and semi-professional bands for many years. We have been there, made the mistakes and learned the lessons about the best ways to do things and with this in mind have created a special band class program where you will work with other musicians to learn how to be in a band. The program will cover:

  • How to organise yourselves to make sure that you make the best use of your time
  • How to pick the right songs that suit your level of playing and ability
  • How to practice as a band. Remember this is more than knowing about how to play your individual parts. You will learn here how to tighten up as a band, how to identify weaker areas in your over playing and how to work on them together.
  • The essentials of performance, how to create a great show!
  • Gig organisation: As part of the program you will play a gig at Music Nation's special 'Live Room' and will be involved in the organisation and running of the event so that you know how to put on gigs of your own in the future.

Band Class Programs run three times a year so if you are interested in being part of the next one please contact us at

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