Booster Guitar Classes

Booster classes are a great way to learn, revise, revisit or practice essential skills. Part of learning is being able to use knowledge in the right way and also to know how to practice using it outside of lessons so that you make the most amount of progress in the shortest amount of time.

Our booster classes are currently for guitar students only but focus on three main areas; Technique, Creativity and Theory. Each week a new topic will be covered which will help to push your playing to new levels or give you the opportunity to revisit an important area of learning.

Finally all of our booster classes are highly affordable which make a great addition to lessons here or elsewhere.

  • £8 a session on the day
  • £6 a session in advance (24 hours before the session)
  • £20 a month for a session every week

Here is a full calendar of our planned booster sessions. Please contact us here if you are interested in attending any of them.

“Owen has this amazing ability to motivate students into wanting to learn. News travelled fast in the school and soon lots of students wanted to learn guitar.”
Tom Howells, Head of Music at Belle Vue Girls School

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