Benfits of Music Nation

Have you reached the stage in your playing where you are looking for an push in the right direction?

Are you feeling frustrated with your lack of progress with your instrument and need the help and guidance of a professional teacher to move forward to where you want to be?

Or are you just beginning and are unsure of the best and most effective way to learn?

Imagine what it would be like to be the musician that you want to be, being able to play exactly the way you want to be able to. The best way to move forward with your playing is to work with a teacher with a proven track record of helping people to reach their musicial goals who will teach you and develop your playing so that you are able to play the way you want to in the shortest amount of time.

Working with a teacher is the fastest, most effective and the most enjoyable way of progressing with your instrument to be the player you want to be. Here's why:

  1. Learning To Play The Right Things At The Right Time.

    The problem with learning from the internet or from friends is that you may be learning the right content but are you learning the information in the correct order?

    Imagine learning to run before you can walk. How far would you actually get? Learning with a great music teacher will help you to learn in the right way so that you waste no time and reach your goals much faster than with other methods.

  2. See What You Are Learning Demonstrated For You In The Correct Way.

    Does learning from YouTube really show you how things are done? How do you know that the person sat in front of you actually knows what they are doing?

    In addition if you learn from a book or from an online course, how do you ask questions if you are not sure about something? With a great teacher you can be sure that if you have a problem you can get it resolved so that you can focus on enjoying your progress rather than chasing your tail wondering what you should be doing.

  3. Get Motivated!

    One of the biggest advantages of taking lessons from a great teacher is that each week you will be encouraged and inspired to play. Knowing that you have someone to support your development and learning is the greatest asset to taking music lessons.

    The expert feedback coupled with personalised support and guidance means that you simply cannot fail! Do other learning methods provide you with this?

  4. Get Help With Your Practice.

    Lessons alone don't make you a better musician. It's how you spend the 7 days between lessons that really counts. A great teacher will help you to use your time wisely, helping you to come up with an effective and personalised practice strategy for maximum results in the shortest amount of time.

  5. Get Support and Guidance when you need it.

    With a great teacher you will get feedback on your playing every week. In this way you will know exactly what areas you are strong in and what areas you need to improve on. Because of this, regularly seeing a teacher is the best way of ensuring that you playing is on the right track and that you are moving forward and improving with your playing.

  6. Be Around Others In the Same Situation.

    How often do you make music with others? Even if you do not want to be an international rock star, playing music with other people is beneficial to your playing, builds self-confidence and is simply great fun and very rewarding. A great teacher runs jam classes, workshops and other group events designed to boost your playing whilst having fun making music with others.

  7. Save TIME and MONEY.

    You could spend months or even years wasting time and money on other music learning tools such as books, DVDs or online courses and still not make much progress. There is so much information out there these days that it is very hard to find out what you should be learning to move you forward.

  8. With a good teacher you can guarantee that the information that you are given is exactly what you need, when you need it. Therefore you do not waste any time or money on ineffective methods and courses promising the ultimate shortcut to become a great musician.

“Jonathan is one of those musicians who puts his professional image into everything he does.”
Antony Reynaert (
“Connor has really enjoyed the lessons, Owen has been inspirational! He really feels he has gained more confidence and experience.”
Klaira Brennan, parent
“Kevin is patient and relaxed, and can adapt his teaching style to suit his different student needs making the sessions fun and informative”
Sally Bolderson.

There are lots of average teachers out there, here's what Music Nation do differently to help you become a better musician:

What normal teachers provide What you can expect from Music Nation
How will you find out what I want to do and what I really need to progress? Most teachers will ask you a few questions about what bands you like and what songs you want to learn but usually nothing more. A free evaluation session where we can talk about what you can and would like to be able to do. From there we can make a plan about how to best help you in the future.
How will you develop a plan for me to make sure that I can be playing the way I want to in the shortest possible time and the minimum amount of frustration? Most teachers do not normally have a long term plan for you and often teach from lesson to lesson with no effective long term strategy to help you. From the evaluation lesson we will agree a plan of action and decide what you short and long term goals are. We will then work to develop a long term learning plan to make sure that you are always learning things that are helpful and relevant to what you need for your own personal goals.
How will you help me to overcome the problems I have with my playing? Most teachers are not concerned with this and only teach their students songs without focusing on the core issues that are holding their playing back from their true potential. From the first lesson we will work to solve your playing problems. In the evaluation lesson we will make sure to take note of your problems and formulate solutions from the start to help you to overcome these. We will also monitor progress and refine the strategies if need be to help you further.
How will you record my progress? Most teachers do not record their student's progress and some even forget what they have taught from lesson to lesson. We will keep a file on you recording what you have done and also your achievements and goals as you meet them.
Do you provide any support outside of lessons? No. The help stops when the lesson ends. There are many additional benefits to taking lessons from me. We provide our students with additional learning resources on the student area of our website including training videos, a forum, and a massive library of backing tracks. In addition Music Nation runs workshops, masterclass and jam sessions that are free or at a heavily discounted for our students so you have many other opportunities to learn in addition to the lessons you take with me.
How will you help me to practice effectively and make the most of my time between lessons? Most teachers don't bother with any of this but some may give you some tips on what to do with your practice. First, all your lesson materials are stored online in your own personal account so that you can refer back to them and review them whenever you like. In addition we will run special sessions to help you to develop a personalised practice schedule.
How can you prove that you can get good results? Most teachers can't prove this. We have taught many satisfied students over the years. Please visit our feedback page to find out more.

Available Lessons

Music nation offer a range of lessons for different abilities and styles for various instruments.

Guitar Lessons


We offer various guitar programmes for any level of experience or musical tastes.

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Bass Lessons


Our bass guitar program is designed to give you all the skills to be able to play great bass guitar quickly.

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Drum Lessons


Our drum program is essential for anyone looking to get to grips with drum kit or percussion instruments.

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Piano Lessons


Our piano and keyboard lessons are essential for anyone looking to get to grips with piano and other keyboard instruments..

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Vocal Lessons


Our vocal and singing lessons are essential for those looking to real get to grips with singing in a way that will help them to become confident singers.

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Booster Classes


Booster classes are a great way to learn, revise, revisit or practice essential skills.

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