Band Skills Program

Band skills

For many people being in a band seems like a straightforward deal. Many successful bands over the years have gotten started on their own but they are in the vast minority. Here are the top reasons why some bands do not work out.

1. Bands struggle to find the Right People

Some bands pick people who are not the right people. They may not want to rehearse regularly, they may not be into the same sorts of music, they may not hold the sames goals as other people (for example they want to play covers, not write original material) or they are simply lazy and unmotivated.

2. Bands are sometimes hard to Organise

The band may not have the right people but they sometimes cannot get it together. They may lack focus and direction, they may not be able to get to rehearsals all of the time, they may not have their finances in order to pay for rehearsals, promotion or travel to gigs.

3. Bands may not know how to Practice in an effective way

When the band does meet for rehearsal they are not able to get the most out of their time. They may spend the time just jamming, or playing over the top of each other, or may spend the time arguing about what to do next. All in all nothing gets done.

4. Bands do not know how to Prepare for a Live Gig or Recording Session in an effective way

If the band's practices go well and they can get some music together they do not know how to put the specialist preparation into crafting a great live stage show or making sure that in a studio they can record their parts quickly and with as few re-recordings and overdubs as possible. Consequently all of the things that the band has been working towards has been undermined by this lack of preparation.

In our band skills program we have all been there many times before. Our tutors have has decades of experience playing in bands and know a lot about what to do and what not to do. Consequently we can help every stage of the way.

  • We can select the right people for the right band matching interests, abilities and personalities to make sure that you have the right team for your music.
  • We can train organise your practices, co-ordinate rehearsals and make sure that in the early days you get the best possible start by letting you know all about the things that you need to consider when bringing your band together.
  • We can guide you in practice showing how you can take parts that you have individually learned and put them together in the right way with proven band practice strategies to make the most of your time.
  • We can guide you towards your first gig or recording session by helping you to prepare in the right way, either by showing you how you can work on your live act to give the best performance or showing you how a recording studio works and how you need to practice to be best prepared for it.
  • Provide the right atmosphere to practice in our very own live room complete with full drum kit and PA system. It is also very competitively priced!

If you have ever had lessons on your instrument or with your voice you will realise the importance of getting specialist help when you need it and our band skills program is exactly the same. Many successful bands have often learned the hard way by making mistakes again and again till they realise what they were doing wrong. Help us to help you to get it right first time!

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