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We are so certain that we can improve your standard of play and move you step by step to become the player you want to be, that we will give you a lesson for free with no obligation to sign up to any more.

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Music Nation offer a range of lessons for different abilities and styles for various instruments.

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All our staff at Music Nation Leeds have a great track record helping students to get great results in their lessons.

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“Worked wonders with the pupils in such a short time. Thanks so much, the workshops have been great for the kids' ability and confidence.”
Mark Smith, Extended Services
“Very good setup. One of the best opportunities offered to the kids. Full credit to Owen who gives excellent leadership and encouragement.”
Bally Flora, parent
“Kevin is patient and relaxed, and can adapt his teaching style to suit his different student needs making the sessions fun and informative”
Sally Bolderson.
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